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Mulkanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy provides many services for its members. By giving these services the dairy also encourages members to put in more efforts for the production of the milk. The members usually are the Dairy cooperative Society members, the milk producers who supply milk to the Dairy.

The services provided can be categorized into

Feed and Fodder Distribution

The Mulkanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy dairy provides the necessary cattle feed for the milk producers to enhance the milk production.The feed and the fodder for cattle are given to the milk producers and the amount for that is deducted from their bills. Also the necessary Feed and Fodder development programs are conducted by the Dairy.


Medical services and First Aid for Cattle

The union conducted a series of training programmes for the management, maintenance of accounts and records and primary health maintenance of milch cattle.

In every village there is a trained veterinary helper, 110 veterinary medical assistants were trained in primary health care of milch cattle.

Cattle Insurance

The milk producing cattle are covered under the Insurance cover by the Mulkanoor dairy Union. This is to ensure financial safety of the milk producing members.

Member Insurance

Mulkanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy also provides insurance cover to its members from LIC of India & NIC of India.

Artificial Insemination Programs

Mulkanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy in collaboration with APLDA conducts the Artificial Insemination program for the members. These programs help the members in producing good offspring for cattle and enhance milk production.

Mulkanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy has Launched LSC(a model for Live stock Service Centers) to provide Veterinary Services, Nutrition Services & Insemination Services to its members from 10 LSC Model clusters.

A photo depicting fodder development program conducted for the milk producers
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