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Procurement and Sales

At Mulukanoor Womens Cooperative Dairy milk received on the first day was 1400 liters and the first payment was Rs.8.47 lakhs for milk supplied. The payments are made fortnightly to cooperatives and they in turn pay their members in same way. At the peak of the season i.e. in the month of October, the supply of milk rose to 40000 liters per day (LPD) and the highest amount paid by the union was Rs.4.20 crores in month. The processing capacity of the plant is 75000 LPD with a facility.

Milk Procurement: The Mulukanoor Cooperative Dairy procures milk two times a day from the producers through our village level primary milk cooperatives. The rate we offer is one of best when compared to industry standards. The average milk procured by a cooperative is 300 LPD. Average payment per fortnight is Rs.1,14,369 per cooperative

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The sales of the Mulukanoor Women's Cooperative dairy milk have risen drastically in the last five years. The marketing agencies are falling short of the milk supplied to them and there is constant demand for Swakrushi milk