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Achievements and Success


The Mulukanoor Women's Cooperative Dairy started procurement of milk on 17th August 2002. Mulukanoor Womens Cooperative Dairy, when started had 67 Dairy cooperatives. Presently no. of cooperatives has raised to 110, with it also the procurements of milk has also improved. National Cooperative Excellence Award 2012 By NCDC. Recognized an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Dairy.


Milk procurements from members


Sales have improved since launching of the Mulkanoor Womens Cooperative Dairy milk as “Swakrushi” brand in the region. The sales in the nascent stage were less and the marketing persons had to work hard to capture market. Due to the good quality of the milk and the hard work of the management Swakrushi milk has become a household name in the market. The main market areas are in Karimnagar, Hanumakonda, Warangal , Siddipet, Godavarikani and other towns. Now the demand is so high for Swakrushi milk that the milk procurements in present day are not enough.




Members and Membership

Mulukanoor Womens cooperative dairy as on today has over 110 member cooperatives which have a membership of over 21000. The The target initially was to promote72 cooperatives and membership as 11thousand in five years within a radius of 30 kms around Mulkanoor.

The average membership of a cooperative is 200. A Primary cooperative has a 10 member board and 2 full time paid employees for day to day milk collection business.


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