Siddipet-Warangal Rd, Bhimadevarapalli, Telangana 505497

About us

About us

MWCD is the India’s first women’s cooperative dairy, set up and run by women, dealing with the milk and milk-based products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve overall quality of life to dairy producers & consumers by running a sustainable self sufficient and women managed cooperative union, setting an example for collective action and rural women capacity/empowerment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best value contribution in India for dairy services to producers and consumers.

Hierarchy chart

Our Team

Smt VIjaya Gurrala


M Bhaskar Reddy


Success strategies

  • Union level management committee emphasizing milk procurement from nearby areas to reduce transportation.
  • Employing employee from the member’s family for better group performance.
  • Wide range of publicity, folders and with our brand “Swakrushi”. Minimum performance to membership, democratic governance, and conduct of secret ballot elections are some keys for success.
  • Annual bonus distribution for members, every year they will select the two best members who supply highest milk to dairy and best village dairy cooperative society enhanced the success of Mulkanoor women co-operative dairy
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